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At JurisLink, we believe that technology can create a more efficient, cost-effective judicial system while still meeting the needs of all clients. JurisLink (patent pending) was developed by Slade Trabucco—the company’s CEO and a criminal defense lawyer who understands the specific needs of courts, correctional facilities, and practicing attorneys.

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Secure video-conferencing for attorneys & their staff



JurisLink conferences are encrypted and are not monitored or recorded. JurisLink owns and maintains all equipment at the correctional facilities. The jails have no access to the equipment.



Our service allows attorneys and their staff to schedule and meet with clients 7 days a week. Attorneys can also invite two additional outside parties to join the meeting.



All meeting fees are 100% reimbursable for federal and state court appointed cases. To minimize administrative overhead, fees are billed directly to state and federal agencies by JurisLink.


JurisLink is amazing. Brings the practice of criminal defense up to speed with modern technology. Drastically reduces the time and cost spent for travel and visiting incarcerated clients. Enables increased contact with clients without interruption of my daily court house and office obligations. I can more effectively represent an increased number of clients by utilizing JurisLink to the satisfaction of my clients. My clients find the video-conferencing equipment helpful and trustworthy in providing attorney/client privileged communications and have appreciated the increased contact.

Jennifer H., 25 years of experience

JurisLink is simple, efficient, and life-changing. It has allowed me to interact with clients more regularly, and it saves the cost of gas and time in going back and forth from the jail. It is a revolutionary program, and I recommend it 100 percent.

Lyana H., 12 years of experience

JurisLink is essential to timely and effective communication with my incarcerated clients. I’ve been a regular JurisLink user since 2014. JurisLink has continuously updated its technology to provide enhanced communication features, such as screen sharing and multi-user conferencing. JurisLink’s combination of technology and unparalleled customer service allows me to be responsive, productive, and efficient in representing all of my clients.

Kelly M. D., 9 years of experience

I have used JurisLink since I found out about it, and it has changed my law practice. The ability to quickly and easily access my clients from the office or other locations saves me time and money. I can’t live without it.

Chris O., Wilmington, NC

JurisLink helps me effectively maximize my time during the day. Rather than spending time trudging back and forth to the jail with a ton of files, I just log on from my office, click a few links to arrange for my client and I to meet, and viola! At the scheduled time, my client is there, I’m there, and we can discuss whatever needs to be discussed. It’s perfect for my situation, a large quantity of district court cases and a handful of more serious felonies. I spend most of my time in the courthouse during the day, and rather than having to travel to the jail several times a week after hours, I can meet with many of my incarcerated clients during my lunch break. It’s a great option to have.

Cristy R., 4 years of experience

I have been using JurisLink to meet with my clients for almost two years. JurisLink has completely changed my practice and made me a better lawyer. I practice in a district that is very spread out and routinely requires me to drive several hours to visit clients being held in custody. Jurislink has made a significant impact on the amount of travel required and has enabled me to spend more time in my office and still be in contact with my clients. It allows me to meet with clients when it is convenient for me, instead of when it is convenient for the jail. It also allows me to have meetings with clients that I would not have had in the past because of time restrictions. If there is something important that needs to be passed along, I no longer have to find the time to go to the jail. I simply schedule a JurisLink meeting and log in. All of my clients have appreciated the increased communication.

Brent W., 10 years of experience

JurisLink has changed my life. It is the most convenient, efficient, and simple way to visit with your clients whether it be for an in depth interview or just to let them know a simple update, or that you haven’t forgotten that you represent them. It makes the clients happy to be able to see you, even just for a few minutes, and it is so wonderful to be able to sneak in a visit on the weekends or evenings from the comfort from your home or office—as well as avoiding the driving time, gas money, and sanitary issues that are involved with visiting the jail. I would more than highly recommend this product to anyone who is interested.

Kate S., 5 years of experience

I used the Brunswick County JurisLink system with a Spanish interpreter. It was incredibly efficient, saving me 5 hours of driving and the travel of an interpreter. This was my first use of the system with an interpreter, which I had sitting next to me at my desk. Communication was more clear than a typical meeting with an interpreter because we were not all in the same, small room. The client only saw me, and therefore the translation of issues seemed more directed from me and less distracting to the client. A great system!

Tom W., 11 years of experience

I have been a practicing attorney for 19 years and dealt with many so called “solutions” that would revolutionize the legal system and connecting folks through technology. The way I view these “solutions” isn’t usually based on the tech but rather on the people and support. This is where most “solutions” miss, but this is where Jurislink excelled in my usage. I had some problems getting connected not due to Jurislink but rather the facility and staffing issues. Slade and his group made sure to quickly address their end and even when is wasn’t their issue they made sure to take care of me and make sure there was a solution. I would also add they were extremely responsive and took care to reach out to me and to the facility to address shot notice contact on a very time sensitive matter. So as to my first point these guys have the right attitude and are customer centric which is rare in this field. I would highly recommend using there product as the tech is good but the service is outstanding.

Benjamin Hartford Esq., The Law Office of Benjamin Hartford LLC