Jurislink was founded and developed by a practicing criminal defense attorney because there is no secure method of meeting with incarcerated clients other than in person. With that in mind jurislink provides and maintains all of the equipment required for jurislink meetings. Once you reserve a meeting that time is removed from view. Only you can attend that meeting after entering your login credentials at JurisLink.com. For the video-conference the data is secured by 128-bit TLS (Transport Level Security)
No, Jurislink cannot and will not record your meetings.  Jurislink cannot hear any of your conversations.  Jurislink can view the kiosk screen in order to troubleshoot connectivity issues.  We will gladly provide anyone verification of both of these statements.
Go to www.jurislink.com and click on the “jails with jurislink” section.
Under the “jails with jurislink” section you will find each jails’ meeting schedules, telephone numbers, and fax numbers.
Each person who attends meetings needs their own account as our contracts and state law require us to show who visited the client.  If the attorney is the only one who attends the meetings then a single user license is all that is needed.  If you want your assistant, law partner, etc to attend meetings you need a multi-user license.  
Only the registered user.  We are required by law to list who attends the meetings.  If your assistant or law partner attends meetings they need their own account.  (The multi-user account is $199 and allows for your entire firm to sign up.
To schedule a meeting simply login to the JurisLink website and click on "schedule a meeting."  Enter the client's name, DOB, the correctional facility, date, time, and invite up to two additional parties and click next. Then confirm the meeting and your meeting is scheduled.  
Only the available time slots will appear when scheduling a meeting.  If the time slot does not appear it has already been reserved by another attorney.
Yes, our system sends an email remeinder 1, 2, and 3 days prior to your meeting.  We also send a text reminder 1 hour and 15 minutes prior to each meeting.
The jail recieves notice of your meetings IF you schedule them by midnight the night before the meeting.  They will have your client present 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. YOU ONLY NEED TO CALL THE JAIL FOR MEETINGS SCHEDULED SAME DAY.  We require that you schedule same day meetings at least 30 minutes in advance and call the jail to tell them about your meeting.
You don't have to download any software.  You just need to use Google's Chrome browser to attend the meetings.  The meetings will open like a webpage in your browser.  For your first meeting you just need to click "Allow" at the top of the page in order for your microphone and camera to work.
Currently you can use a PC, Mac, Android device.  Our iPhone and iPad app will be released in late 2014.
If your client is not present 10 minutes prior to your scheduled meeting time call the jail immediately and check on his/her status.
Do not call the jail.  Call JurisLink @919-600-1307
You can have 4 total people in a meeting in a JurisLink meeting.  
Regardless of when you schedule a meeting you will not be charged until an hour before the meeting. 
You can cancel a meeting via our website or by text message.
http://www.ncids.org/Rules%20&%20Procedures/Fee%20and%20Expense%20Policies/Atty%20Fee%20policies,%20non-capital.pdf     (Page 9 of 15 Paragragh G)