To conduct meetings, lawyers need to use the meeting link provided, which will be sent to them 60 minutes prior to the start of their meeting. We recommend using Google Chrome as your browser for an optimal experience. For mobile devices, we recommend using the applications found in the Apple or GooglePlay stores.

The jail receives notice of your meetings if you schedule them by midnight the night before the meeting. They will have your client present 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. You only need to call the jail for meetings that are scheduled the same day. We require that you schedule same-day meetings at least 30 minutes in advance, and call the jail to tell them about your meeting.

You can access your JurisLink account and/or meetings using any PC, Mac, iPhone, or Android device with an internet connection and camera. Most users conduct and join meetings using a computer, but iPhone and iPad users can also access JurisLink using our app (found in the Apple store). We are currently developing a JurisLink app for our Android users.

You do not need to download any additional software in order to use JurisLink. Simply use Google’s Chrome browser to attend the meetings. The meetings will open like a web page in the browser. For the meeting, you will need to click the “allow” function at the top of the page in order for your microphone and camera to work.

For any technical issues, please call JurisLink at 919-899-4213. Do not call the jail.

Each person who attends a meeting needs his or her own account, as state law and our contracts require us to show who visited the client. If the attorney is the only one who attends the meetings, then a single-user license is all that is needed. If you want your assistant, law partner, or another individual to attend the meeting, you will need a multi-user license.

Only the registered user can attend the meeting. We are required by law to list who attends each meeting. If your assistant or law partner attends the meetings, they will need their own account. (The multi-user account is $199 and allows for your entire firm to sign up.)

JurisLink meetings start for the lawyer once the lawyer clicks the link that is sent to them. Again, the link will be sent to you one hour prior to the scheduled meeting time.

Your client should be at the kiosk 10 minutes prior to your scheduled meeting time. If a client is not there 10 minutes early, please call the jail immediately to check on the client’s status.

Yes. Our system sends an email reminder one, two, and three days prior to your meeting. We will also send a text message reminder 1 hour and 15 minutes prior to your meeting.

Click here to immediately see which jail locations are equipped with JurisLink kiosks. Also, make sure to check back for future needs, as we are quickly expanding our work. You can also check to see if the kiosk is open for use by visiting our status page.

Only necessary legal personnel are permitted to be present for each JurisLink meeting. For lawyers, this means only the lawyer conducting the meeting needs to be present. For clients, they are alone in the holding area with the JurisLink kiosk. Judges are present for JurisLink meetings as needed. The limited number of people helps sustain safety and security for all members for the meeting.

Pricing depends on how many minutes you need for your meeting. Click here for exact pricing. 

Regardless of when you schedule a meeting, you will not be charged until one hour prior to your meeting.

If there are technical issues, you will always be reimbursed. However, if you are late to or miss a meeting, you will still be charged. If the jail does not present your client, please contact us via e-mail at helpdesk@jurislink.com to discuss being refunded.

You can easily cancel a meeting online via our website, or you can cancel by text message. Please make sure to cancel your meetings 1 hour and 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time.

Yes. You are charged for what you purchased since that time slot was booked and thus unavailable to other potential JurisLink users.

Currently, 120 minutes is the longest time slot available for JurisLink meetings. If more time is needed, you can book a second meeting following the first meeting, but this option is dependent upon if the following time slot is available.

No. JurisLink owns and maintains all of its equipment to ensure safety and security for all involved parties.

JurisLink’s video-conferencing software encryption ensures maximum security and confidentiality for both the lawyer and the client. Additionally, once you reserve a meeting, that time slot is removed from view. Only you can attend that meeting after entering your login credentials on our website. For the video-conference, the data is secured by 128-bit Transport Level Security (TLS).

JurisLink meetings are neither monitored nor recorded, and each video conference is highly encrypted for maximum security reasons.

Once you create a profile in JurisLink, you can add and store credit card information for future use. Please note that the billing address must match the address that is associated with your credit card.

Yes, and we highly recommend doing so to save yourself time in the future, as well as for us to legally account for who can and will attend your JurisLink meetings.

Yes. If at any time you cannot recall your login credentials, you can confidentially reset these items online.

Yes. Through the JurisLink software, all clients and lawyers can digitally send and sign all necessary paperwork for their meetings. You can also share your screen (and audio) with your clients, if necessary.

For any questions regarding JurisLink, please feel free to email us at helpdesk@jurislink.com at any time. You can also use the contact page on the website to submit an inquiry along with your contact information. We will get back to you as soon as possible.